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1F |H Bar

Situated in the lobby on the first floor, H Bar serves handmade bread, pastries, cakes, gift baskets and afternoon tea; Savor our healthy teas and fruit beverages, classic coffee and wine, simple yet delicious cuisines and relax at the bar during the evening

Chef’s Recommendations

The Howard Hotel’s Classic Chocolate Cake

The Howard Hotel’s Classic Chocolate Cake— The First Lady’s favorite, this classic combination of hard and soft chocolate cake is absolutely delightful. With a top layer dusted with bitter chocolate powder and a middle layer filled with crispy walnuts, this chocolate cake is rich in texture and flavor. This Berlin Cake is a must-try for those who enjoy a multi-dimension of flavors!


Acquired and mastered by our Italian Executive Chef, the classic Italian fruit bread is created by patiently fermenting fresh yeast. This exquisite bread is abundant in a variety of dried fruits blended with the fragrance of butter to give it a sweet and sour taste and a unique texture—a cross between bread and cake. This Italian fruit bread is our shining star and must not be overlooked!

Pre-order handmade bread and cakes
Tel.: 04-24631616 ext. 2036

Opening Hours:

  • Monday ~Sunday 10:30am~01:00am
  • Pre-fix meals and snacks: NT$180~580
  • Beer, liquor and cocktails: starts from NT$180 /glass (Excessive drinking harms your health)
  • Prices of pastries and breads are based on what you see on site